Saturday, June 16, 2012


The Technikmuseum Berlin, located a quick subway ride away from where I live in Kreuzberg, was definitely worth the visit. One exhibit displayed trains in their development from carts on wooden rails to the sleek and speedy cars of today. Visitors even get to walk underneath one of the older locomotives.

Another section featured chemistry and modern pesticides. I found it entertaining that German seemingly has three different words for pesticide; Pestizid (self explanatory), Pflanzenschutzmittel (plant protection resource), and Insektenbekämpfungsmittel (insect fighting resource). The first and last are so wonderfully German.

I also saw exhibits on jewelry making, photography, and textiles. The textiles section I thought did a particularly good job of clarifying how automated knitting and weaving works. After those exhibits, I skimmed the television and radio exhibits. There was still more to see, like the sailing and aircraft exhibits. However, I was too tired to keep looking. I tried to read only the German information placards and as a result was mentally exhausted.

It was about 1 when I finished and decided to get lunch in the restaurant there. Instead of waiting to be seated like you do at most nicer restaurants in America, you seat yourself and wait for a waitress or waiter. I ordered the Boulette with fries, which I somewhat regret since there were more unusual options available, but it tasted good overall. It was strange not leaving a tip, but I've been told that it really isn't expected for small meals.

The rest of today has been a combination of napping and goofing around on the internet. Hopefully, I can figure out how to use the washing machine...

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