Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Pergamon Museum, a collection of art and architecture from Pergamon and the surrounding area, is a pretty cool place. The tour I took part in did not go through the full museum due to time restrictions. However, the parts I did see reconstructed old architecture into enormous exhibits. A royal blue gate adorned with lions and unicorns, for example, was both a part of the Babylon exhibit and the entrance to it. This functional use of artifacts made the whole experience seem like just that: an experience. My biggest problem with museums has always been that I feel like I'm just looking. It all feels passive. That didn't seem to be the case at the Pergamon.

The Museum is located on the so called Museeninsel, literally museum Island where several other of Berlin's museums reside. This is only a twenty minute walk or so from the Goethe Institut. However, there is no straight way back. The streets in Berlin wind and bend and meet at odd angles. Our tour guide brought us there, but she had no intention of taking us back. Fortunately, I've started building my web as my mom would say. I may not have a very good idea of what the quickest routes are, but if you drop me within view of the Fernsehturm, I can make my way back one way or another. Hooray for not being lost!

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