Monday, June 11, 2012

Fritz Lang

This morning, I had intended to go on a tour pointing out the traces that the Nazi regime had left behind, but I misremembered the start time and arrived half an hour too late. With several hours to go before my class, I decided to watch one of the movies in the media center. One which caught my attention was Fritz Lang's Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse, made in 1933 with sound. I've got to say, I liked it a lot. Crime, insanity, mystery, it was my cup of tea. Better yet, it was filmed in Berlin! I failed to recognize anything, possibly in part because it was made before the bombings. Still, I appreciated the connection.

In class today we mostly talked about a somewhat depressing short story we read about a man trying to keep two relationships going, one of which was superficial, the other narcissistic. I would describe the story overall as grey. It was well written, however, and used mercifully simple language.

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