Monday, June 18, 2012


I attended Bikram yoga again this morning. I didn't hold up as well as on Friday, possibly because the contents of my stomach are different in the morning than in the evening, but I still stayed for the entire class. Afterwards, I tried to strike up conversation with one of the girls in the class. To my surprise, she was from Mexico. Berlin, like New York, is so incredibly diverse that it's almost difficult to find the Germans!

After yoga, I had a few hours to go before my class started. While waiting, a poem started to take shape in my head in German. I wrote the fragment down, then expanded, then revised, then adjusted and fiddled until I had a poem, complete with rhymes. After class, I asked my teacher to review the poem, and she actually seemed impressed. She only had to correction one minor grammatical mistake, and she responded to it emotionally the way I had intended.

A month ago, I don't think I could have pulled that off. It isn't a question of vocabulary; most of the words I used in the poem were fairly basic. Rather, I had to know connotation and what "sounds" right. I have grown so much more familiar with the language during my stay here, and today I got to put that into practice.

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