Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had to decide today between visiting the Arkaden, a well known mall in Potsdamer Platz, and going for a walk through the Tiergarten. The heat ended up deciding for me. In the time it took me to make my way to Potsdamer Platz from the subway, I had started to sweat, so I took a left instead of a right and walked into the swanky shopping center. My goal was to get a dress that I could wear on semi-formal occasions and did not cost more than 50 Euros. Not all that surprisingly, famous shopping malls are not the best places to go for cheap. I saw many lovely and hideous dressed marked at over 200 bucks.

The food was at least reasonably priced. I came across an Italian ice cream shop and just had to get a scoop. Unsweetened chocolate in a waffle cone. Yum. Some more exotic flavors like tiramisu and strawberry cheese cake also beckoned to me, but today was a chocolate day. Later on, I came across an Ampelmann shop offering shirts, bags, mugs, shoes, and probably underwear plastered with the beloved crosswalk symbols. I couldn't resist picking up a bag of Ampelmännchen gummies.

Eventually, after visiting several shops in Berlin Mitte, I found a place with reasonable prices and flattering clothes called Mango Barcelona. It might not be "German" per say, but it is practically impossible to find a store in Berlin that is. Berlin is nothing if not multicultural.

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