Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Lazy Day

Today started off lazy on account of the workers that had to come in and check out a waterlogged lamp in the bathroom. I knew I wouldn't be able to use the bathroom for a while, and getting up would mean feeling nature's call, so I just lay in bed for an extra hour or so.

In class, we gave mini presentations on what a tourist needs to know when visiting our respective countries. It turns out, Europeans need to be explicitly told not to take their clothes off in public. Germans, for instance, often change into a swimsuit on the beach while covering themselves with a beech towel instead of going into a bathroom. Furthermore, if you want to sunbath in a park, you can do it in your birthday suit. That is in any park.

I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, clothes are often uncomfortable, and when God created the world, we didn't have any issues with nudity. We did not need shame. Why should we be ashamed now? On the other hand, thinking I shouldn't feel shame and actually not feeling it are two totally different things. I am incredibly self conscious about my own body, and incredibly repelled by the body of say, an old man. On top of that, if you go around naked in front of anyone, then there is nothing special about being naked with your husband or wife. I have yet to actually see someone going around in the buck, so I cannot yet come to a conclusion. However, I'm currently leaning towards prudishness.

After class, I headed back to my house and slept for another two hours. I don't know where this sleepiness is coming from, but I fortunately have the time for it today. Tomorrow, I plan on taking a tour and another lecture.

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